Physical Education

Physical Education


Mission Statement:

Primary Center Focus

The students involved in the Ridge Primary Center Physical Education program will leave 1st grade and enter 2nd grade with a wealth of age-appropriate knowledge and abilities regarding health and wellness. Our program is designed to give students very basic tools that will help them sharpen and hone skills as they grow. Some of the units that highlight our program are:

Ball Handling Skills - Basketball
Cardiovascular Fitness
Cooperative Games
Movement Education/Spatial Awareness
Newcomb (Modified Volleyball)
Obstacle Course - Coordination and Balance
Scooter Highway
T-Ball (Striking)
Throwing Skills - Target
Tumbling and Climbing

Intermediate Center Focus

The Physical Education program at Ridge Elementary School offers students basic skill development in education, physical fitness and sport- related activities while developing individual personal fitness and lifelong character education.  The goal for our students is for them to develop the ability to participate in physical activity for their own health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and social interaction to maintain a physically active lifestyle.

Ball Handling Skills - Basketball
Cooperative Games
Fitness Test/Stations/Cardio Maze
Scooter Highway
Striking Skills - Hockey, Volleyball
Throwing/Kicking Skills - Soccer, Football

Proper Attire:

Students must wear properly laced sneakers with laces or Velcro, made for use on the gymnasium floor.  Parents need to be especially vigilant when choosing sneakers for girls, because sometimes the prettiest sneakers may not offer safe and proper support in the sole. Spiked cleats, hiking or any other type of boot, shoes with heals non-supporting slip-ons with our without backs is not permitted for physical activity.  Safe participation requires students to be dressed appropriately.

Well-Rounded Education

We have always integrated vocabulary and math into our program, and will continue to do so. For example, we have a unit called “The Maze”, a run/jog/walk activity which, along with improving your child’s muscular and cardiovascular fitness levels, will give them the opportunity to measure the distance they have covered using math skills.

Contact Us

We strive to have direct communication with our parents when there is any concern involving your child in our program. Please do not burden your classroom teacher with any issues that have to do with your child in Physical Education class. We (Katie Hoernig, Matthew Simonton,  Lindsay Glowatz and Gail Richert) are always available by phone or an in-school conference.

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